Time changes everything, even you and I have changed

"Life is happiness.Happiness is the fact that I can do something right now."/Donghae;Superjunior.


The rain, the winter spring has made us fade away

I'll put something here.

I really wonder how you feel on these nights so alone

I'll put something here too.

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"One last thing.”

Sunday, January 29, 2012 || 7:05 AM

Visited Mr Wong's house yesterday !
Met up with WanXin,WeiTian,Danny and YewRon at Tampines MRT,and we headed to Mr Wong's house.
The train journey was weird! Cuz the train reverse so it could fit the opening of the door.
Seriously,over-estimation much?
Hahaa,reached there and walked the wrong direction.
The whole time was totally cursing about everything hahahaaa.
Finallllyyyyyyyyy found the place!:D ~
Took the lift,although it was only on the 2nd floor. #Foreverlazypeople.
Took out our oranges and bainian-ed. :D
LMAO at Mr Wong's orange pile!!!
Mr Wong's other school students were there too,but they soon left to make space for us.
WeiQiao was there already,and not long later,the current band members came!
So,it was quite a big group.Samuel,Ivan,Gloria,Kim,Jeremiah,Bernard,Rachel,Elodhia.
Then we started the 'game'.
LMAO Wanxin and myself teamed up cuz we were new at it.
Everyone started with 50cents HAHAA.
Wx and myself : 60cents.
Quite happy cuz we won $6 plus.
In the end after the whole game...
we only won $1 each.
T.T Danny and Bernard rich already man.Hahaa!
Anyway,headed back home.
We all took bus 21 from there,and the whole trip was :
1)Samuel's : This is number one,this is number two,what is number three? (Game)
-Took me awhile to get it! It was so simple and lame but it took us realllllll long.
(Then we all banjia to the back of the bus)
2)Weitian's : Open close open close open or close!
How many mad man jump over the wall!
What time is it?
I only got weitian's third game,so lame but awesome hahaaa!
Yeah,then everyone went home:D
Bus journey was about 1 hour,but it was a really meaningful and fun 1 hour!
I hope it wont be the last time like this though...
Think positive!
Tomorrow will be the release of posting resultsssss!

Friday, January 27, 2012 || 10:37 AM

Well I guess its the start of a brand new year right?
Happy CNY to everyone out there! :)
I'm starting to miss Damai a lot,the good times and the bad.
Ive really enjoyed my time in Damai,and all the people that has gone through those times with me.
From now on,I guess we'll all just go our separate ways.
We may or may not be in the same school and same class anymore.
We may just separate and never will meet again.
Hopefully,one day,everyone will meet again.
But those times will never return to us anymore.
Sounds really nostalgic.
Moving on with life,really.
Having doubts about the future though,like what am I going to do with this,and that.
I guess thats what life is about,doubts.
Let nature take its course.
IDK,I just have this uncertainty,like after a certain specific day,at a specific time,felt really lost.
What am I going to do.
I dont even know if Im taking the correct course.
But either way,we've all got to take another step forward,and get on with it.
JC is going to start real soon,and Im gonna playplayplayplay before it starts.
I know its going to be real tough.
Jiayou bah! :)
Hahaa,hopfully I mix with the right people like in Sec school :D
What Ive been doing these few days...
I swear its the best chillax place ever.(Or is it just me.)
Like talking with people,and catching up with their lives,its just random chatting.
And recently,or well,just yesterday,a certain conversation was really really interesting.
Not long ago Ive been going for badminton games with my classmates. And Karishma said we formed a new 'clique', known as the 'After O'levels' Clique. Around 10 of us.
Ahaa,but not bad,really.
Finally get to go out and flex some muscles,and start up with my badminton skills.
It has been soooo long since ive touched the badminton racket.Hhaaa.
Today was not bad,quite tiring though.
Lunch was at the hawker centre.And then we went to Macs to talk.
Was rudely interrupted by the Lion Dance troupe that came into Macs to perform.
Really random,but we were like covering our ears and talking loudly.
We couldnt really get a good view of the performance though. ):
Soonhao gave us a brief intro of UNI life.Sounds super awesome (Y).
Hopefully all of us can get into Uni together;)
But,quite funny that all of us from this 'clique' are going to different schools.
Sigh,smart people,hahaa.
Sigh again.
All right,I shall go and tumblr right now.
I hope today/tomorrow will be a better day.
I seem to have doubts again.
But just face it with a smile,and probably everything will turn out your way:)
#nowplaying: S.O.L.O. -Super junior M.